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Platinum Point Yacht Club
Punta Gorda, FL 33955
26°45.71' N 82° 03.34' W
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HomeCommodore Welcome Prospective Members

Dear Platinum Point Yacht Club (PPYC) Prospective Member:

The Platinum Point Yacht Club is boating, sailing — and — a whole lot more! Did you know that we are a
Club of Clubs? Our members enjoy on—the—water activities as well as:

Bridge Acting Parties Guitar playing Kayaking
Field Trips RV Trips Fishing Grill Nights Sunset Socials
Mahjongg Quilting Community Involvement Educational events
Cinema Club Monthly Lunches Computer Training

...and many other activities that allow our members to become friends. We average 83 events each
month during the season ——We are active, fun, and welcoming new members. You do not need to be a
boat owner to join the Platinum Point Yacht Club.

Frequently Asked: Can i enter the building? How do i become a member? What does it cost?

Yes! Our Club Manager is on—site Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Simply sign the guest book when you
enter. Please respect any function taking place. Feel free to ask any member in the building why they
enjoy being a member.

How do l become a member? The membership process begins by submitting your application and
attaching a non~refundable check for the $250.00 application fee. The $250.00 is applied to the initiation
fee upon acceptance as a club member. The application and check can be submitted to a Membership
Committee member 365 days/year or to the Club Manager. You will need 2 PPYC members to be
sponsors. You may already know PPYC members, and if not, we can find sponsors for you. A membership
is defined as 2 persons (an individual and spouse/partner). Single memberships are available upon

What are the costs? No one likes surprises so here is our fine print. We are a private club and we finance
ourselves. We do this through an ”Equity Membership,” an initiation fee, and dues. New members join
the club for a one-time Equity fee of $2,000 and a $1,000 initiation fee. Annual dues are $563. When you
retire from the club, a new member will pay their Equity fee hereby returning your $2,000 Equity to you.

Take the first step toward new friends and more fun! As Commodore i look forward to meeting you and
welcoming you to the Platinum Point Yacht Club.

Lon Acheson
Commodore / Platinum Point Yacht Club