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Platinum Point Yacht Club
Punta Gorda, FL 33955
26°45.71' N 82° 03.34' W


  • Dorothy will be on vacation from July 9-21.  There are limited office hours.  Remember Summer Happy Hours!  
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How to apply for membership in Platinum Point Yacht Club

  1. The membership process begins by submitting your application.  There is a $250 application fee which is non-refundable with the remaining $750 of the one-time Initiation fee  due within 30 days upon approval of membership by the Board of Directors. The $250.00 is applied to the initiation fee upon acceptance as a club member.

  2. The application and check can be submitted to a Membership Committee member 365 days/year or to the Club Administrator.

  3. You will need 2 PPYC members to be sponsors. You may already know PPYC members, and if not, we can find sponsors for you. A membership is defined as 2 persons (an individual and spouse/partner). Single memberships are available upon request.

  4. What are the costs?

    We are a private club, and we finance ourselves.  We do this through an ”Equity Membership,” an initiation fee, and annual dues.

    The one-time Equity Fee is $2,000 which can be paid in full or in 2 interest-free $1000 payments due 60 days and 90 days after approval of membership by BOD.  An Equity certificate will be issued upon full payment. The $2,000 equity fee will be returned to former members who have resigned, after a replacement member is accepted.

At times, PPYC offers a Prospective New Member Promotional,
please contact the office for details by calling 941-639-0733.