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Platinum Point Yacht Club
Punta Gorda, FL 33955
26°45.71' N 82° 03.34' W


  • Come for coffee and treats and sign up for a Social Committee on April 3rd. Sign up for one of the Town Hall Long Range Planning (April 6th or April 18th, your opinion matters.) Friday Happy Hour!

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Welcome to Platinum Point Yacht Club

The Platinum Point Yacht Club is boating, sailing - and - a whole lot more! Did you know that we are a Club of Clubs? Our members enjoy on-the-water activities as well as many other activities that allow our members to become friends. We average 83 events each month during the season. We are a private club and we finance ourselves. To keep costs low, almost all of the work done in and for the club is handled by volunteers. Take a look around our website to see all of the activities that we have and what benefits we offer.  Then click the button below to find out how to become a member.